Large and small companies, technical depts. , design studios, engineers and architects create every day AutoCAD drawings to be translated into one or more languages​​.
AutoCAD drawings have thus become for us an important part of our business. So much important that we decided to create a software to facilitate and speed up the translation and localization of drawings in all language combinations guaranteeing terminology coherence and consistency, quality and reliability of all texts translated from any to any language.
Our drawings translation process is not based on exportation – translating – importing words, sentences or notes.
Often exporting a text out of its context causes problems related to issues of contextualization but mostly to the rules of the language combination used and adaptation with the whole drawing and elements in the different layers as well.
Our team of experienced and technologically advanced consultants, translates directly into autocad files using computer aided translation tools.
Costs and time reduced and appropriate and consistent terminology ensured.
We translate your drawings in the final format you need: monolingual, bilingual or multilingual
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