Software Translation and Localization

Translation and localization of software are very awkward activities requiring experience and expertise.
To provide high-quality and successful translations in this field, it is necessary to know the world of software perfectly and in detail.
It is important to be an advanced user of more than one product, used to manage software documentation and familiar with functionality and even complex instructions as well.
In order to provide with and guarantee high-quality and usable final products, it’s absolutely essential to know the process of planning, comprehend and identify the terminology to be used and lean and simplify the technical required language.
It’s well-known that good translations require essential and unavoidable know-how but it is often ignored that localization and internationalization processes are usually even more complex and labour-intensive as they involve the knowledge of the country of destination and its culture.
By localization and internationalization of a software we mean at first the study and analysis of the context where the software will be used and then, the adaptation to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of the target market. Success depends on well-concentrated efforts to obtain a high-quality and perfectly localized software and anything related to it.
Here below please find a short list of the main aspects to be considered together with the language, in order to successfully and effectively localize a software:
» Correct terminology
» Fluency of messages
» Compliance with contents, dimensions, format and layout
» Adaptation to similar, already existing and standardized contents
» Big elasticity and flexibility
TeSoM has many years of experience in providing translated and localized software products including: interfaces, messages, applications, help on line, accompanying documentation, etc.