By«technical documentation» we mean all of those documents (whether they may be specifications, spreadsheets, drawings, brochures, manuals, etc.) in which concepts, terms and technical constructions prevail in the overall document or are combined in equal measure with other aspects, to be supplied to a client in relation to a large-scale project, a whole job or simply to accompany a single product. More specifically, “Multilingual Technical Documentation” is the documentation described above but used for International Activities (JV, etc.), in Various Markets and consequently with Multiple Targets, and translated for the same purpose into the language of the country of destination and others.
Good quality technical documentation is inevitably the result of the passionate, continuous and professional work of specialists such as engineers, technicians, marketing managers, editors, terminologists, translators, graphic designers, etc., working together to create a product that now plays an increasingly more widely recognised role. It is precisely this role that makes it central to any matters related to growth, development and marketing strategies.


TeSoM supplies solutions for the creation of your technical documentation and its adaptation for the international market.

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