Now more than ever, TeSoM offers existing and potential clients integrated consultancy services in collaboration with other professionals working for client companies both in Italy and abroad, supporting industrial and commercial internationalisation projects, helping clients define a winning strategy for international markets, in compliance with the level of quality and professionalism demanded by today’s global market.
Its organizational structure, designed to manage every activity in accordance with a precise logic, offers a complete range of services making maximum use of trade professionals and specialized personnel to meet its clients’ needs.
TeSoM’s growth over the last few years can also be largely attributed to the collaboration established with its clients, who share the same management and spirit that distinguish all relationships between themselves and the consultants and staff.
One of our main goals is to become part of the team, a reliable, available point of reference, rather than solely an external supplier.
It is with this in mind that our activity, given a more modern slant, has been transformed from the work of an individual to a team action in which the Client plays a role of considerable importance.

TeSoM: Consultancy starts here…
Good results from commercial actions and the image of your company depend heavily on the quality of communication and the technical documentation supplied.