TeSoM selects the most suitable translator for the job and if required also selects external consultants. Professionalism is at the heart of all corporate growth and development, which is why TeSoM regularly controls its data base of consultants, ensuring that they are always capable of meeting the expectations and requirements of a market that is increasingly more demanding in terms of quality and skill.
Translate, not betray…

…the trust of those who entrust our staff with the delicate role of transferring technical information and specific knowledge of a company or Client from one language to another, because a good translation can also enhance the image of a company, promoting it in the market and creating important foundations for future growth.

TESOM believes that a translation, above all when it tends to communicate the image of the company that has approached us, should be “made to measure”. To ensure that our translations are made to measure for our Clients, a close and long-lasting relationship must be created with them guaranteeing continuous and invaluable consultation related to all aspects of the translation process: from the more specific use of terminology, to delivery times, layout, corrections of first drafts and/or any revisions, etc.

Consultancy services of consistent and guaranteed quality from and to all languages.

TeSoM transforms every challenge into a sure step forward in the growth and development of your business.

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