The translator, carefully selected for each job, uses specific terminology related to the field that the text refers to and specific to the Client’s company, in addition to a specific glossary when available.
For every field, and every time that a Client submits a consultancy request for the first time, a glossary is prepared with the help of experts in the Client’s field and research into the countries of destination. The glossaries, personalised for each Client and updated and developed with each new activity, together with the translated documents, constitute an archival patrimony for the Client, available for every new job, of whatever type and size.
Making maximum use of factors…

A review and final control is carried out on completion of every translation to ensure that the most correct and coherent terminology possible is used, and that the work complies with the requirements defined by the Client at the time of order.

where to start…

from something already written about the same subject, asking the Client to supply any material or information that could be of use in carrying out the work requested: previously translated texts, similar texts, illustrations, glossaries, definitions of any abbreviations or jargon, educational and technical material, data collections, product specifications or other information, reference to Web sites, etc.

capable of facilitating the work involved in translating a technical text, such as the exchange of information with technical personnel or the designer to:
  • check the terminology to be used
  • ensure that previously defined target language terms are used
  • check existing procedures and documents
  • analyse the needs
  • define the document specifications
  • plan the work carefully with the aim of improving the result
  • examine the data available
  • define the work group
  • get the project started